Sound immission control in urban land-use planning

When allocating land
for new building zones,
in Germany the
acoustical planning
and evaluation is based
on DIN 18005-1.

Legende Schallschutzgutachten Immissionsprognose Rasterlaermkarte

Sound immission prognosis in the course of urban land- use planning *

Using an acoustical calculation model, we determine the sound immissions caused by existing sound sources such as traffic routes, businesses, sports facilities, recreational facilities or new traffic routes within the building zone planned, and help you optimise the building lay-out and occupancy within the new building zone.
In the course of allocating commercial or industrial zones, we can set sound power level quota according to DIN 45691.
We also determine the sound pressure level outside buildings according to DIN 4109 and define the sound reduction index windows must have in order to achieve sufficiently low sound pressure levels inside living or sleeping rooms Read more…

In the field of shock protection, we offer corresponding services for you.

Remark: No warranty is accepted concerning the currentness of the standards mentioned.

*  Publication by IBS Ingenieurbüro für Schall- und Schwingungstechnik GmbH in Frankenthal. Basis

of data: Geological information on the terrain issued by the surveying and land-registry authority of

Rhineland-Palatinate. Geological information as of 2005-08-15

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