Pipe and duct vibrations

Vacuum plant

In vacuum plants used in petrochemical industry, vibration problems frequently occur at transfer pipes running from the furnace to the column. The reason for that is the two-phase flow inside the pipe.
In the course of a vibration analysis we measure the vibration level on the pipe at first and then evaluate the results according to suitable standards, for example VDI 3842, before developing control measures as needed.

Here you’ll read a detailed project example.

Vacuum plant

Measuring strain on the pipe of a pump using strain gauges

Alternatively, we can evaluate the fatigue strength of a component by conducting an experimental stress analysis. For this, strain gauges are being applied to the components of interest with supposedly high strain when the plant is switched off. After reconnecting the plant, the stress variation range is being measured. The results are being evaluated according to the AD 2000 standard, for example, in connection to standards applicable to the component investigated.

Measuring strain on the pipe of a pump
using strain gauges

Remark: No warranty is accepted concerning the currentness of the standards mentioned.

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