Secondary noise control by means of sound enclosures and silencers

Auslegung sekundaerer Schallschutz

In the field of machinery or plant construction, machines intended to be located outdoors often have to meet acoustical requirements concerning their sound power level that is effective towards the surroundings in order to meet noise limits or noise guidelines in the neighbourhood. If needed, we design sound enclosures or silencers that allow fulfilling the acoustical requirements.

Power plant with components inside sound enclosures

Kulissenschalldämpfer einer Schallschutzkapsel

Splitter silencers are installed within duct systems to damp sound. The sound is being damped when the air flows along the splitters that are made from a sound-absorbing material. During the design process, the space needed, the pressure loss and additional customer-specific requirements must be considered (for example, tonal components in the dampened spectrum shall be avoided).

Splitter silencer on a sound enclosure


When the sound is dominated by low frequencies, for example at vacuum pumps or compressors, suitable splitter silencers need lots of space. In those cases, we design reflection silencers which are based on the physical property that sound is (partially) reflected back to the source when passing cross-sectional jumps or direction changes and therefore is not being radiated to the environment.
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Reflection silencer

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