Noise control for building equipment and appliances


Components of building equipment located outdoors, for example heat pumps, ventilation openings of ventilation and air conditioning devices, or heat exchangers often cause complaints from residents.

Quite often it is not known which component is responsible for the noise-related disturbance.

Heat exchanger on the roof of a building


By combining sound immission measurements on the residents’ houses concerned and sound emission measurements on the sound sources we determine whether threshold values are being exceeded and which component is responsible for it.

Heat pump for swimming pool


In order to achieve this, suitable software is being used to create an acoustical model of the sound sources and the immission points, that allows predicting the sound immission shares of the individual sound sources at the immission points.

If necessary, we develop suggestions for suitable noise control measures. Their sound reduction potential in relation to the sound levels at the immission points can be tested beforehand using the acoustical calculation model.

Heat pump for heating a building

Technikraum Kältezentrale

We can also acoustically evaluate the transfer of sound within buildings – for example, from machines located in the basement towards rooms on the upper floors that are used as offices or as living space and therefore require protection from sound. If necessary, we develop suitable noise control measures.

Plant room of a refrigeration centre

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