Sound immission control in the neighbourhood of businesses

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Activities on the premises of businesses can cause relevant sound immissions in adjacent residential areas. There fore, in Germany plant extensions or settlements of new businesses normally have to be acoustically evaluated by means of a sound immission prognosis according to the technical guidelines about noise (“TA Lärm”).

Container loading terminal

Anlieferung Einkaufsmarkt

We set up sound immission prognoses for you that consider all noise-relevant activities on the business premises and predict the noise in the neighbourhood caused by those activities.
At consumer markets, frequently traffic on the business premises in connection with good delivery or the customer parking lot is acoustically critical.

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at a supermarket

Nacht aktuell Kraftwerk

We can also assist you in the context of big plants such as power plants, chemical production facilities, etc.
We determine the sound emission of the noise-relevant machines and plants by conducting measurements (cf. here ) or, if the plant does not yet exist, by using manufacturer data, and create an acoustical calculation model.

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Map of rating level distribution in the neighbourhood
of a power plant (the acoustical model contains
more than 370 sources in this case)

In the field of shock protection, we offer corresponding services for you.

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