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Excessive vibrations can not only be annoying but, in extreme cases, cause cracks in buildings and damage components. For safety reasons, professional vibration measurements or determination of vibration based on calculations, and evaluating vibrations occurring in civil engineering or process engineering are important.

Demolition work on a construction site

In the field of machine construction, vibrations are becoming more important. Vibrating structures can lead to vibration exposition at the workplace being too high, and vibrating machine casings can cause noise problems by radiating sound. We support you by measuring and evaluating vibrations on your machine or plant.

Shock-sensitive devices, such as optical measuring systems, microscopes or precision balances, can be disturbed by externally caused vibrations. We check if the vibration level at the intended machine location is acceptable, and we develop optimisation measures if requirements are expected not to be met.


Vibration measurements in machine and plant engineering:

Vibration exposition at the workplace:

Shock-related investigations in the course of a plan approval procedure or the preparation of a
land-use plan:

Shock-related investigations in the course of building projects:

Shock-related monitoring measurements:

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